Eliminating elementary music would be educational malpractice

David Neves, writing to The Valley Breeze in Rhode Island:

It is important to note that music, and the other arts, are the academic subjects that people, and children in particular, are currently turning to in droves to ease the stress, find comfort, and express their feelings during this challenging time of self-quarantine and distance learning. A stroll through countless social media posts demonstrates clearly the central need for the arts to add enlightenment, meaning, joy, and beauty to everyday lives. Imagine a world without them. Imagine our current lives without the beauty and emotional release and connections that music brings to all.

Mr. Neves is addressing the Cumberland School Department’s proposal to eliminate all elementary music instruction, but his words are relevant to all schools and students everywhere. His brief letter is a perfect summation of why every student needs music education, now more than ever.

Eliminating elementary music would be educational malpractice | The Valley Breeze