Bravo! Vail continues kids’ music education virtually during COVID-19

Bravo! Vail is an organization in Vail, Colorado that offers music lessons to over 200 students throughout the year. When its teachers were forced to move instruction online, they organized virtual recitals to showcase the students’ work:

“Over 700 people from across the country and the world tuned in to one of the eight recitals, and we even had a student give a shout out in Spanish to their grandparents watching from Argentina. Students invited their school teachers and friends, and Bravo staff and donors also tuned in,” said Brooklynn Phillips, director of education and engagement.

A popular topic of conversation recently has been “virtual choirs” and other means of trying to recreate ensemble experiences through technology. While those efforts typically require a great deal of both technical knowledge and time, a virtual recital is a relatively easy way to allow students to share music with each other as well as a wider audience.

Bravo! Vail continues kids’ music education virtually during COVID-19 |