Music teacher quits, says Clarke music, art programs threatened

As a final attempt to save this program, which has provided so much for the students of Clarke Middle, I have decided I must resign my position effective February 17th. I feel that this decision will force our school and our district to think critically about how much our fine arts programs mean to the students and to the community. I also hope that this act will spurn change for the better, knowing that my reputation and integrity might still be called into question. Our students deserve positive change, and our teachers do as well.

This story has been getting a lot of attention on social media and in the local news. Thankfully, all comments I’ve seen have been overwhelmingly supportive of the teacher who was forced to make this difficult decision. This is a terrible situation for someone who appears to be a very devoted teacher.

Music teacher quits, says Clarke music, art programs threatened | Athens Banner-Herald