Lawmakers, educators propose the Florida Seal of Fine Arts

The Sunshine State is kicking off the new year with a promising development:

The proposal, Senate Bill 110 and its companion House bill 1123, would establish the Florida Seal for Fine Arts, affixed to the diploma – and the resume – of any student who has met a series of established guidelines, including continued participation in arts programs, solid grades and community art involvement.

Grego stressed that the arts are part of the core curriculum in Pinellas County Schools. “We view the whole educational system to teach the whole child,” he said. “Yes, academics are exceedingly important, standardized tests are exceedingly important … but it’s also important to balance that with life skills for students. The arts accomplish that.”

Official statewide recognition of students’ dedication to the fine arts would be a very positive step toward endorsing the importance of arts in education today.

Lawmakers, educators propose the Florida Seal of Fine Arts | St Pete Catalyst